How it all started

Mark Burrows

My name is Mark Burrows and I am the creator and owner of and supplier of top quality Kitchen Gadgets. I have always had a keen interest in cooking and when I was younger I use to watch with great fascination as my Mum use to prepare our daily meals and loved to help  (if help is the right word). The highlight of my week was a visit to my Nans. My Nan was a really good cook and her old fashioned ways always produced great results, once again I would help and if she was cooking cakes I would get to lick the bowl clean as a special treat.

As I grew up I never lost my passion for cooking and even attended Stratford Catering College to do some part time courses. After getting married I think its fair to say that my wife did most of the cooking but I did the roast dinner every Sunday as Sharon use to be at work, and she used to really appreciate it after a long shift at the hospital, I even did the washing up. One thing that use to be difficult was knowing exactly when the meat was ready. I bought a meat thermometer but it didn’t seem to be very accurate and the meat was either under or over done.

Recently I heard Sharon moaning about the meat thermometer to her friend and I thought “ I’ll have to look into this” So I did some research and found a company that could supply me with a new kind of Digital Cooking Thermometer with many new features the old one didn’t have, and after seeing the prototype and making a few changes I got a sample. I gave it to some of my friends to try out. Everybody was absolutely thrilled with it and said it was very easy to use and was very accurate, they also said it had many other uses apart from just testing meat.

My wife Sharon & I decided we would form a company to supply people with our new Digital Cooking Thermometer and make them available to everyone.

So was formed and we are now able to supply our new “FunkyChef” range of kitchen gadgets to a wide range of people who want top quality products at affordable prices. Sharon and myself want to supply the best kitchen gadgets to make cooking just a bit easier, and apart from our Digital Cooking Thermometer we have just added 2 more great products, with more planned for the near future.We are totally customer focused and we love to hear from our customers and welcome feedback so we can constantly look to improve your customer experience and our products.

The FunkyChef range of kitchen gadgets are currently available in the United States but will soon be available in Canada the UK & the EU.