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With a current Amazon Review Rating of 4.7 out of 5 Stars the testimonials speak for themselves.  We now have hundreds of satisfied customers who are very please with our products and the service we provide. We have listed some below, but don’t just take our word for it visit our product review page at CLICK HERE

5-starsExcellent probe thermometer!!! See pix
ByJust My Opinionon July 28, 2016
I love an accurate thermometer! This little ‘switchblade’ style instant read thermometer is great. It comes with the battery inside of it (wrapped) and it is easy to switch between C and F with the press of a button. As soon as you pull the probe back into the handle, it shuts off. If you leave it extended without pressing the off switch, it will shut off automatically after 5 minutes. This is super easy, accurate and has a magnet on the back so you can keep it on your oven door or fridge.

5-starsSo happy with this!!
ByAliBurdickon August 29, 2016
This meat thermometer is amazing. I am so paranoid about meat being undercooked, I usually overcook everything. My family is so grateful for this product!! It comes with a warranty.. FOR LIFE!! This product has completely changed the way I cook. The battery comes covered ,, you must remove the plastic around it before it will turn on. This is one of the best products I have ever purchased!! Who knew it would make such a big difference in our lives!! I received this at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review!

5-starsThis is a great instant read thermometer
ByCassieon August 26, 2016
This is a great instant read thermometer. Two things I love about it, aside from the fact that it produces the temperature of my food at near the instant I insert it. The thermometer automatically turns on when I unfold the probe and it automatically turns off when I fold the probe. The other thing is that it has a magnet on it. There is no need to throw this in a drawer, I can put it on my fridge or any other metal surface, the magnet is quite strong so it will not fall off.

So far I have not found any negatives about this product.

5-starsEasy to use!
ByPink Discoon August 23, 2016
I cook a lot of food at home and always end up cutting into my meat down the center to see if it’s cooked through or not. It really ruins the presentation of the food when it’s all cut up before serving. My brother suggested I get a meat thermometer to take the guess work out of the cooking. I found this Funckychef 2016 model meat thermometer here and decided to give it a shot. For my first thermometer checked dinner I decided to make chicken. The recipe I was following said to bake the chicken until it reached 165 degrees. Well this time I just stuck this handy and easy to use thermometer into the chicken and was able to quickly find out when it reached the desired temp without cutting into it. But just for my sanity I cut into one breast to just double check that it was not pink and surprisingly it was not! So this really works and I will be using it all the time when cooking chicken!
I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

The buttons are responsive and easy to press
By Deborah S. on August 11, 2016

This timer functions perfectly and is simple to use. The timer can be set to a specific time and will countdown and beep once it hits zero. This timer can also be used as a stopwatch by pressing the start button when the timer is set to 00m 00s, it will then begin to count upwards until you press the stop button. The buttons are responsive and easy to press. It feels solidly built for being made of plastic and feels much better quality than dollar-store timers.

I received this item at a discounted price (~$1) for my honest review and I am provided with no incentive to write a positive review. Everything I write is my own opinion based on if I had paid full price for the item. This timer functioned great and was perfect for what i needed it for, I am very glad I got I purchased it and would happily do so at full price.

A must have for every kitchen!

By Sabby G on July 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
I was in need of a new kitchen timer and when I was given the opportunity to review this one I was very excited. The timer itself is not too large and bulky and it’s not too small either. The digital screen is a perfect size and the numbers on the screen are large and easy to read. There are 4 buttons on the front and each push with ease. The first is the reset button, then the start/stop button then you have your minute’s button and then second’s button. The digital screen very clearly states your minutes and seconds. To set the time it’s very easy just hit the minutes and/or seconds button to the desired time and hit start. When you are ready to use it again you just hit the reset button or if you need to change the time just hit the reset button. The timer is just loud enough to hear and not obnoxious sounding like other timers I have had in the past. I also love that it has a big magnet on the back so I can put it on my refrigerator. It also has a clip so I can clip recipes or whatever else I need to it or clip it on my apron when baking. Bonus, it also comes with a battery so you can start using it right away. This is a must have for every kitchen!

Handy magnetic timer, also comes with a stand to set it up on tabletop it counter.

July 26, 2016
Verified Purchase

This timer shipped fast and as expected. It includes a battery, and was easy to understand the button functions of counting up, counting down, minutes, and seconds, as well as pause and start/stop.

We use a timer in the kitchen as well as for our kids activities, so we like that this timer offered both the magnet on the back of the timer to put on the fridge during/after use or leave it there all the time so it doesn’t get lost, or it had the option to stand it up on the counter or table, which is where it comes in handy when my kids are doing their reading and writing activities. We are a homeschool family and the timer helps us stay on track with our daily tasks.

The screen is easy to read and the kids are able to see it from a distance, and when the timer goes off they know they’re done and can move onto the next activity. The timer isn’t too loud, my kids aren’t jumping when it goes off, but it’s loud enough for me to hear it if I’m in another room or downstairs.

Great Little Timer!!

Byjkstrehlowon September 4, 2016
This is a great little timer! I love that it has a magnet on it so that you can stick it anywhere you need it and it also makes it easy to find because putting it on the refrigerator or magnetically attached to anything that is close by so that it is easy to access but also out of the way and handy when you need it.

It is just the right volume so that I can hear it above everything else that is buzzing around in the moment. The digital read out is the perfect size and easy to see from a distance. I have used it many times because instead of setting the stove timer and being in another room and not hearing it I can take this one with me and even stick it in my pocket so that when it is time to take the pizza out I know that I will hear the signal!

Great little timer – I did receive this at a discounted price in exchange for an fair and unbiased review but I am so happy that I did because it is a very useful tool that I will use most every day!

Good for in or outside the fridge

By Joe and Tammy Smith
on July 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
This is a great little thermometer. I am using mine hanging on my wire shelf inside of the fridge but it can also be used outside of the fridge. It does have a magnet on the back so you are able to stick it to a metal surface. It is small so that it is not in the way or taking up a lot of space but the display is nice and big. It is easy to switch between F and C and comes with pre installed battery as well as one extra battery for later. This is great if you have things such as medications that need to stay between a certain temperature, with this you can be sure that it is in the safe range.

Simply Perfect!!

By Donna on July 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
This is such a SIMPLE thermometer, which is the main reason I LOVE it!! It’s easy to use and understand. It’s a thermometer so who needs a bunch of bells and whistles, right? It has two buttons on the back. The top one turns it off and on. The bottom one moves it from Fahrenheit to Celsius….. SIMPLE! It has three different ways you can hang or display it. There is a magnet, there is a hook and if you put the hook down you have a stand….. SIMPLE!….and the numbers are nice and big so I can see it without using my glasses! I love the simplicity of this device, it does what it’s supposed to do without being complicated……SIMPLE!
I would most definitely recommend this to friends and family.
Note: I received a discount on this product in exchange for my honest/unbiased review, but the discount in no way affected my words, when I love something I love to let others know about it but I do not give discounted products great reviews if I would not personally recommend them. Like most people I rely heavily on the reviews of others before making a purchase.
If this review has helped you in any way please check “yes” below…. Many Thanks


Accurate Temp For All Your Food
ByFrank L Arandaon
September 5, 2016

I did not know how important temperature affected food till I reviewed this product.

I started to be concerned once my eggs actually started to freeze. Lol disappointing I know.

Also how cold my freezer act was. It was actually to cold where I could actually lower and save a bit of energy. Every penny counts in these times.
But with the help of this product I was able to regulate temperatures both in the freezer and fridge. I am very happy with this product. I am sure it has paid for itself with just adjusting temps in my house. It even comes with an extra battery. Invest a few bucks and get yourself one